SEMhype specializes in developing and executing search engine optimization strategies to achieve your business goals and maximize your ROI. We work with companies of all types, from large e-commerce stores to small outfits who need local marketing help.


Developing an SEO strategy and then mapping the tactics into an executable plan is essential for online success. Typically commencing with an SEO audit, we examine the full range of opportunities surrounding the four core elements of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Keyword research – analyzing and selecting keywords with the best ROI
  • Technical infrastructure – how a search engine accesses your web pages
  • Content – both “on-page” and “code-based” content targeting
  • Link profile – external and internal link quality, range, depth and scale

The resulting findings provide a solid foundation for decision making moving forward. From here, depending on the scale of the project or website, the outcomes are prioritized and placed into an implementation schedule.


Traffic Volume & The Bottom Line

Optimizing for broad SEO keywords will certainly increase traffic to your website, but how many of these visitors are ready to buy or inquire right here, right now? Traffic volume is important as long as it’s in line with an effective RevPOV (revenue per online visit) strategy. “Money keywords” are the rich fruit of SEO and deliver qualified visitors to specific land pages, structured with predictive “click mapping” that will move the visitor to buy or make an online inquiry.

Some examples of “broad keywords” vs “money keywords”:

  • “digital camera” vs “Canon 6D Digital SLR Camera”
  • “New Orleans hotel” vs “New Orleans boutique hotel packages”
  • “Skin care” vs “buy anti winkle cream online”

Research, Research, And More Research

We have a rigorous process of building a keyword library through extensive research. Market analysis along with a thorough competitor profile enable us to drill down each keyword grouping to most profitable areas on your online property. The ensuing keyword library forms the foundation for on-page optimization and link building efforts.

On-Page Optimization

No area of SEO is singular – it takes a concerted effort on all fronts to execute an effective strategy. Using data from our initial site audit, we specifically target pages and content to pair with your keyword library. You’ve got three seconds before someone decides whether they leave your site or not. With a combination of content editing and code optimization, we ensure high conversion and not just quick, empty traffic.

Link Building

In the simplest of terms, a search engine views a link from another website to your site as a vote of confidence in your content. That said, not all “votes” are counted equal. If you received an endorsement from the President about politics it would carry much more weight than that of your neighbors down the street.

Search Engines believe that if other websites are linking to your web pages, you must have something good to link to and they will rate your page being linked to more positively. Quality link development is a vital element of our search engine optimization services, but it’s also the hardest and most intensive.

It’s About Trust

When it comes to link building you need to remember that a search engine’s prime function is to deliver highly relevant results, not some mysterious pharmaceutical products when you are searching for “authentic columbian coffee”.

Search engines today take into consideration several additional factors other than just the number of links when rating inbound links to your site:

  • The reputation or “trust” value of sites linking to your web site
  • The theme or relevance of sites linking to you
  • The “anchor text” (the words where the link is embedded) in links to your site

All things being equal, when two web sites have similar structure and content, the site with the best links will be served up first.

Hare or Tortoise

Adding links requires persistence and patience and you can’t hurry along the search engines’ recognition of these links. Adding too many links too quickly can result in a search engine ignoring the links and even penalizing your website and dropping it from their index. There are no link building “quick fixes” and anyone who promises to achieve “a page one listing in a month for $49.95 through adding 1000 links” to your website is not only lying, but putting your website at substantial risk. Search engines employ some of the smartest software engineers on the planet – no one’s fooling them for $50.

At SEMhype, we’ve developed relationships with excellent reputation websites and teams all over the world, across a wide range of subjects and industries. We’re hyper focused on producing quality links regardless of the niche. Everything we do is customized, ethical and powered by talented human beings. It’s a challenging and demanding task, but when effectively and professionally managed, link building will produce significant uplift in your search engine rankings which means more traffic and more revenues.

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