PPC is a form of paid advertising that enables you to reach customers at the very moment they’re searching the Internet for the goods/services you offer. Built on Google’s massive search and ad platform, you only pay when your ad is clicked/called, and you’re able to track every sale made as a direct result.

Whether you simply want more traffic or want to focus on a particular product, we engineer, implement, and monitor a ppc management strategy that works in harmony with your overall SEO campaign, successfully funneling your target audience to your offerings.

We believe attention to detail is integral in building a successful ad campaign, and for that reason we don’t use any automated software to make advertisement changes. All of our projects are managed and tracked manually, every day, ensuring steady growth and optimum conversion rates.

Measurable and Accountable

Within the Google AdWords platform, we’ll know exactly how many people notice your ads and what percentage click through to your website or call you. With the advanced tracking tools available, we can even determine the sales generated as a direct result of your ads and tweak your campaign to drive the conversions further.

Start, Test, Pause, Start

Getting the most out of your ad campaign requires constant testing to ensure a maximum ROI. If a particular keyword group or sales copy is performing better than others, you can immediately pause your campaign, implement the improvements, and reactivate the campaign instantly.

Any Area At Any Time

With AdWords you’re not limited to a commercial break or late-night advertising. Target your ads to customers in specified countries, regions or cities – or even within a set distance from your business or store, all during the exact moment they’re searching the Internet for the things that you offer.

Insights 24/7

You can see how your ads are performing at any time within the AdWords dashboard. We’ll also send you ppc management reports at your preferred interval outlining the key statistics and numbers that matter.

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