Do You Want More Traffic?

86% of consumers use search engines to find a local business. If your business isn’t focused on local optimization, you’re losing business to competitors who are.

The Importance of Internet Marketing

Consumers have changed. Gone are the days of searching a large phone book with tiny print for answers. Smartphones and instant access to the Internet give consumers the immediate power of choice. Within seconds, a person searches for a product or service and makes a decision on where to go first. The question is – is that provider you?

Google reports that 86% (and growing) of consumers looking for products and services from local businesses use search engines as their #1 resource. Further, 92% of Internet users have researched a product or service online, then purchased offline from a local business at least once.

“Alright, being found on search engines is important. I’m on page 3 – that’s good, right?”

Let’s take a look at some highlights in Google’s recent study:

  • 71.3% of searches result in a page one click
  • Pages two and three get only 5.5% of clicks
  • On the first page, the first 5 results account for 67.6% of all the clicks, with more than half of those going to the first overall result
  • Results 6-10 on page one account for only 3.7% clicks

This means that if you’re on the second or third page, you’re fighting with other 20 other links for only 5.5% of the consumers looking for your business.

So, how do you reach the top?

At SEMhype, we specialize in organic search engine optimization and Internet marketing services to increase traffic and build rankings. We’re not wedding photographers and we don’t design stationary – we focus on search engine marketing. We’ve spent decades researching and implementing proven online marketing strategies to build our client’s businesses. We do things the right way, we don’t cut corners, and we’re fully transparent. You have instant access to your entire campaign with detailed reporting, and our direct numbers for discussions at any time. Take the next step in increasing your traffic by filling out our discovery form. After submission, we’ll contact you to schedule a free, in-depth consultation with an SEO services expert.

"Working with Michael and his team has been phenomenal. Their ability to communicate is absolutely second to none. With a purely online business, getting serious about Internet marketing is the best thing we've ever done and our partnership is here to stay."

− Tommy Holston

"As a small business owner, doing everything yourself is impossible. Assigning SEMhype my marketing efforts not only makes me money, but allows me to spend time growing my business in the ways I enjoy. This has been a rare investment that has finally lived up to my expectations."

− Joe Tifton

Search Engine Optimization

Within Internet marketing, SEO is the process of providing search engines relevant information in the way they like to see it. It combines factors of your website, backlinks, social media, business listings, citations and the overall authority and trust of your site. It’s a complicated and intensive process, but our formula is tried and tested for success even in the most demanding of industries.

Local SEO Services

Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to their phones, tablets, and computers to find local businesses and products. It’s not enough to simply have a website. When you search for your business term in google (example: “salon new orleans”) and you’re not first, you’re losing hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors every month. Can your business afford that?

Reputation Management

You’ve spent years building your brand – why let a disgruntled customer ruin everything you’ve worked for? Instead of playing catch-up to overcome false impressions, we work to take back control of your online reputation by aggressively moving negative content down the SERPs while simultaneously growing a favorable presence.

Google AdWords

Every dollar counts as a small business owner. PPC is an integral component of your Internet marketing success, but you need to spend your time and energy managing your business, not your PPC campaigns. We help you overcome your competition by increasing the quality and efficiency of your pay per click campaigns.

Website Development

Website’s are meant to be more than pretty – they’re the backbone of your entire online business. A website needs to engage consumers in a fluid manner regardless of device and function in a way that’s beneficial for search engines. Ultimately, a website needs to be designed to convert traffic in to repeat customers.

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